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The Healing Process

Overcoming Sexual Abuse
“‘Getting over it’ comes by surrendering to the healing process—letting the memories come up, expressing the emotions, facing the lies & nurturing myself. I tried to ‘get over it’ by putting on a happy face & avoiding the memories through some addiction. It’s hard work to avoid the memories & it’s hard work to heal, but avoidance makes things worse & facing them makes them better.” Christina Enevoldsen
I’m not sure how I feel about the terminology “Getting over it”. Maybe because I’m still a work in progress, but I don’t know that I’ll ever be “over it”.  I will say that it doesn’t hurt as much, I talk about it more, I’m more willing to face it and deal with it and help others through it, I’m learning to trust and love more and to be more authentic.  But it still hurts when I think of the abuse and it makes me sad and I hate all the years of suffering I went through because of it.  So I’m better, I’ve progressed and will continue to do so.  

One thought on “The Healing Process

  1. Getting over it….it is something I have been stuck on for many years. As you rightly point out, getting over it involves a period of expressing the emotions and facing the lies. Somehow, it is all too easy to forget to nurture ourselves. It’s nice to read of your progress

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