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Secret Survivors

Overcoming Sexual Abuse
“Because incest is a violation of the child’s physical boundaries, in later life, the survivor is sensitive to any crossing of the invisible wall with which we surround ourselves. S/he is frightened or enraged when someone touches him/her by surprise or when someone hugs him/her without asking or when someone grabs him/her from behind.” Secret Survivors by E. Sue Blume
Absolutely!! I’ll give you one of my examples; when I first started going to Church regularly, I was taken aback by the fact that the people greeted each other with hugs, whether they knew one another or not, I didn’t like or understand it, and I didn’t want them in my personal space. It took months before I became comfortable and the day I reached out and hugged a friend of mine she was so shocked. Now I get it and it’s okay. 

2 thoughts on “Secret Survivors

  1. My friend told me about her mother, and how she stiffens up whenever she is hugged and tries to avoid touch as much as possible. That was all I needed to hear to tell her “you’re mother has suffered some severe sexual abuses.”

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