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My name is Elaine and I started this blog to provide a safe place, a refuge where we can release our experience, strength, and hope with one another as we journey through our healing.  Here you may share the abuse and pain and any good, joy, happiness, healing, and forgiveness that you have managed to achieve.

When we are sexually abused we tend to shut down parts of ourselves for protection.   We walk through life like broken robots, unplugged, detached, not knowing how to authentically laugh, cry, smile, love, feel.  When we release the emotions that are buried deep inside we begin to live with purpose, no longer trapped and stagnate, a prisoner to what others have done to us.  Don’t let the abusers win.

My hope is that through this blog we’ll be inspired to freely & fully live, truly love, and willingly forgive.  That we’ll be courageous enough to chip away at the guilt, and shame of our past that has burdened and broken us.

You no longer have to be lost and alone, let out the voice that has been stolen from you.  Together let’s pick up the pieces and dare to become whole.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog Elaine. I read everything you send through. Unlike my own blog where I write a lot about one topic, you take bits of wisdom you’ve read and expand on it. I find myself “borrowing” or “stealing” some of your posts to expand on them. Forgive me for doing so, but the snippets you post are just awesome and get me thinking. By expanding on what you’ve shared, hopefully, I’m helping my followers too. Thank you for that.


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