Survive and Thrive

Excellent show with Dr. Howard Fradkin:



Mission: To partner with survivors of sexual abuse as we journey together towards healing & reclaiming the power that was stolen from us.

I chose a tree as symbolism of a survivor standing in spite of. I was driving to work one fall morning on a tree-lined road and I was struck by the sight of leafless, crooked, broken, bowed down trees against the backdrop of other trees that were in full bloom covered in gorgeous red & orange lush leaves; and I thought amazing, those trees have obviously been there for years in spite of changing seasons and sometimes harsh weather they stand. The beauty of the other trees and the glimmer of sun peeking through the leaves are symbol of hope & healing that one day they will be whole and in full beautiful, colorful bloom. And even though we SURVIVORS of sexual abuse feel broken & worthless & bowed down from the weight of shame & guilt, yet WE STAND, hopeful that we will find wholeness & healing.


TAALK Tip #19
When your child has their annual check-up with the pediatrician, tell your child that the doctor needs to examine them and ask if it’s okay. Let them know that the doctor is going to look at (and touch, if applicable) their private parts. Tell them that this is okay because it needs to be done for medical reasons and that it’s okay because Mom or Dad is there along with the Doctor. Explain that it would not be okay for the Doctor to do this if they were alone.